CCC MPs dig in on US$40 000 loans

Source: CCC MPs dig in on US$40 000 loans | Herald (Top Stories)

Farirai Machivenyika

Senior Reporter

CCC legislators have defied their leader Mr Nelson Chamisa after their caucus meeting held on Tuesday resolved to take up the US$40 000 housing loan scheme offered to MPs by Government, saying it is part of various loan schemes extended to them by the State.

Addressing a press conference in Harare yesterday, CCC Chief Whip Mr Prosper Mutseyami, said the issue of housing loans was raised during the debate of the Supplementary Budget in September as MPs were failing to access accommodation at hotels due to non payment of bills.

“It was in this context that a housing facility was raised. Indeed over the years different facilities and loans have always been provided to Parliament.

“The most common of these loans have been vehicle loans of up to US$60 000 in some cases. The loans have always been repaid. Where there has been a default Parliament has instituted legal proceedings and court records are public,” Mr Mutseyami said.

He added that the suggestion in some quarters that the loans are donations was incorrect.

“In the mid-term Supplementary Budget of 2022 approved in September, provision was made for a housing /vehicle loan of US$40 000. This loan was understood as a genuine part of the MPs welfare.

“The loan is therefore not a surprise Executive Instrument, but one that went through the due process of appropriation as is provided in the Constitution,” Mr Mutseyami said.

Last week, Mr Chamisa castigated his MPs for accessing the loans saying it was tantamount to accepting bribes from Government.

Yesterday, CCC spokesperson Mr Gift Siziba tried to downplay the differences between the MPs and Mr Chamisa, attributing them to “communication issues but not a political problem.”

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