Two years in jail for Mahomed Mussa merchandiser

Two years in jail for Mahomed Mussa merchandiser

Prosper Dembedza
Herald Correspondent

Harare magistrate Mrs Apollonia Marutya has slapped a Mahomed Mussa merchandiser, who paid lobola with part of the US$195 000 he stole from his employer, with 24 months in jail.Mrs Marutya convicted Chamunorwa Muvhuti after she found him guilty of theft.

Muvhuti (40) had pleaded guilty to theft charges leading to his conviction.

In his defence, Muvhuti told the court that the employer was not paying enough.

Mrs Marutya initially sentenced Muvhuti to 36 months in prison before setting aside 6 months on the condition that he would not commit a similar offense in the next 5 years.
Another six months were also suspended on condition that Muvhuti pays US$5 000 restitution to Mohammed Mussa before February 28.

In her ruling, magistrate Marutya said the court has considered that Muvhuti is a first offender and he admitted to the charge therefore he did not waste the court’s time and resources.

She further submitted that Muvhuti is a family man and has children who are underage to look after.

The magistrate noted that most of the money was recovered and Muvhuti did not benefit enough from it.

“However the accused breached the trust between him and the complainant who is the company,” she said.

It was the State’s case that on December 21, around 1700 hours, Muvhuti was on duty when he planned to steal from the complainant.

Muvhuti acted in common purpose with Jeremiah Kwenda and Phineas Moyo who are security guards at Mohammed Mussa Wholesalers.

Muvhuti hid in the shop and was locked inside when others were going home after duty.

The court heard that Muvhuti used a metal sharp object to break a black portable safe which was mounted to the wall and took away the safe containing US$195 000.

On December 22, the complainant discovered the offence and made a police report.

On Christmas day, detectives arrested Muvhuti in Mupande Village, Chief Chitsungo in Pfungwe, where he had gone to pay lobola to his in-laws.

The court heard that Muvhuti led the police to the recovery of US$186 100 at his place of residence in Chitungwiza.

He also led the police to the recovery of a black portable safe that was positively identified by the complainant as that which had been stolen at the shop together with the said amount.

Muvhuti is said to have paid lobola of US$4 426 to his in-laws leading to the recovery of US$3 501 from the Mupande family.

He further used US$340 to purchase groceries for lobola proceedings leading to the recovery of various groceries valued at US$250 from his in-laws.

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