Man (57) in court for assaulting six-year-old granddaughter

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Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent

A 57-year-old Harare man has appeared in court on allegations of violently attacking his son’s six-year-old daughter after she decided to go with her mother who is estranged to his son.

Jan Pieters (57) was facing physical violence charges when he appeared before Harare magistrate Mrs Chido Garwe.

Pieters is alleged to have violently squeezed his granddaughter’s hand in a bid to forbid his erstwhile daughter-in-law from getting her children from the son’s house. The minor child sustained some injuries on her right hand with notable bruises and bleeding.

The court heard that on June 10, at around 5pm, the complainant’s mother Ms Shanay Kloppers came to her ex-husband’s house and saw that her children had been left in the company of their father’s girlfriend.

The complainant’s mother, also a witness in the case demanded that her children be released into her custody and this prompted the accused person to attend to the scene.

On arrival, the accused person allegedly took the complainant and her sister to his car and told the complainant that he was going with them to his house.

The complainant told the accused person that she wanted to go to her mother’s house but the accused person allegedly held her tightly and violently squeezed her right arm causing bruising and bleeding.

The State led the evidence of a medical affidavit to that effect.

It is the State’s case that the accused person tried to shove the complainant into his car and the complainant’s mother snatched her back and drove away with her.

The State alleges that the accused person had no right to act in the manner he did.

Meanwhile, the complainant’s mother, Ms Kloppers has obtained a protection order against Pieters to stop him from sending abusive and threatening messages verbally or through any postal or electronic means of communication.

He is also ordered to stop threatening or acting violently towards her or the minor children or from contacting her and also not to enter her house.

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