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1030: We are at the National Heroes Acre for the burial of decorated military commander, Brigadier-General Collin Moyo (Retired), who died in Harare last Friday.

Rtd Brig Gen Moyo’s Chimurenga name was Rodwell Nyika.

1045: Acting President Kembo Mohadi will officiate at the burial.

1048: Vice President Chiwenga has arrived at the National Heroes Acre.

1050: Although the hero did not succumb to Covid-19, traditional formalities such as going to the Stodart Hall in Mbare for body viewing were not be followed in line with Covid-19 regulations. Few mourners have attended the burial ceremony and are maintaining safe distance. The terraces which are normally crowded are almost empty.

1055: The body of the national hero arrives at the national shrine aboard a Doves hearse and not in the gun carriage as is the norm.

1128: Family spokesman said the late national hero was a good father who was also a generous man who shared with his relatives. He taught the family humility and love and told them never to give up. He spoke his mind.

1139: Acting President Mohadi addresses mourners.

Acting President Mohadi

He speaks about the importance of observing strict WHO regulations to curb the spread of Covid 19 which has caused havoc in the country. He said Brig-Gen Moyo was a fountain of knowledge. Many gave fond memories of his works. He describes how the national hero grew up under the colonial regime.

1147: He acquired knowledge and skills to liberate the country. The Moyo family raised a son, thank you and be comforted. Cde Rodwell Nyika, you fought a good fight and ran a good race. It continuous for us to run the race for economic emancipation. Go well son of the soil

1154: Acting President Mohadi said the nation was slowly losing the founding crop of veterans of the armed struggle who leave behind an illustrious trail of gallant efforts made to win us the the freedom we now enjoy.

1156: Brig Gen Moyo was a fountain of knowledge grounded in sound political philosophy. Many of us remain with fond memories of his instructive wisdom. The late Brig Gen Moyo excelled in all assignments and always led from the front. He continued to be exemplary and inspired many young to be recruits to a life of committed patriotism.

1159: He will be remembered for the Zipra operations at Mana Pools Camp and Nkume Base attack.

1200: Acting President Mohadi ends his speech by consoling the family. The body now being taken for burial.

1201: This brings an end to our updates. Thank you for joining us.

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