Kireni Zulu urges artistes to quit drugs, focus

Kireni Zulu says his heart bleeds for young artistes taking drugs on Covid-19 lockdown due to inactivity.

The Marabi music exponent said the lockdown has also come as a lesson to the creative sector that nothing beats investment.

“We are still on lockdown waiting to be given the greenlight to resume live shows since most of us depend on live performances.

“However, I have noted with sadness there the crop or young artistes have resorted to drugs and immorality which is sad for the industry.

“As artistes, we need to think ahead and invest because natural disasters like the current like the current Covid-19 pandemic caught us unaware  and we don’t have a person to blame.

“Such desperate times requires us to really invest a lot in other fields so that we can have a fallback,” he said.

Kireni, who combines music and comedy, said he was taking care of his band members with the little in his savings.

“We are helping each other as a band and I always to keep my band intact because they mean a lot to me.

“As such, we share and eat from the same plate and that is what we call leadership with you have a group.

“I have since invited our percussionist Julius Munduna to come and stay at my house to cut expenses since he was struggling with rent.

“Munduna has performed for several groups but not all his former employers can afford to look after him,” he said.


“As artistes we need each other during such trying times and we can’t afford to ignore each other.

“With many people suffering from depression during the lockdown, it’s also important to always check on each other so that we can share our problems and find a better to solve them.”

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