High mast tower installed at Highglen roundabout

The Herald

Municipal Reporter

The Highglen traffic circle has been given a major facelift following the installation of a high mast tower by Harare City Council in partnership with a private partner.

The high mast tower that will help lighten up the area known for night muggings as robbers took advantage of the surrounding darkness, was installed in partnership with a firm named MED.

“The solar-powered solar light at the Highglen traffic circle has been installed,” said Harare City Council on its twitter handle. “The city is on a drive to illuminate all areas and provide night security light to residents.

“The city is now rolling out a public lighting programme. The electrical components have been procured.”

The local authority said it was now the duty of the communities to guard against vandalism of the infrastructure and to ensure that all vandals were accounted for.

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