Hearings for six TV station licences begin

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) on Monday started public hearings for the licensing of free to air national commercial television stations.

The process, which runs until October 21, is being conducted virtually and should result in six television stations being licensed by end of November.

Continental Television, Jester Media Services, Rusungunuko Media, Fairtalk Communications, Channel Zimbabwe, AB Communications, Acacia Group, Heart and Soul, Medianet and Zimapers Television Network are participating in the on-going public hearings as they have been given their dates and time slots.

In a statement BAZ said: “The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe wishes to advise members of the public that in terms of Section 10 (6) of the Broadcasting Services Act (Chapter: 12:06), the short-listed applicants published herein are required to attend public inquiries to determine the applicants’ suitability to be licensed for the provision of Free-to- Air National Commercial Television Services.

“Notice is hereby given, in terms of Section 40A of the Broadcasting Services Act (Chapter 12: 06) to those who wish to participate in the public inquiries of the dates, times and mode of inquiries.

“The +authority shall hold public online inquiries via Zoom webniar in line with Government preventative measures of curbing the spread of Covid-1`9.

“All interested persons will be required to register in order to participate in the virtual meetings.”

BAZ said members of the public can submit oral and written representations to the persons conducting the inquiry, subject to restrictions that the Authority may put in place to preserve order.

So far six applicants have participated in the public hearing.

Earlier this year the BAZ called interested parties to apply for licensing of the six free to air national commercial TV channels.

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