Harare City Council Officials Spend US$24 000 At A Workshop Amid Cholera Outbreak

Source: Harare City Council Officials Spend US$24 000 At A Workshop Amid Cholera Outbreak

Harare City Council officials are attending a workshop in Nyanga at a time cholera has claimed several lives in the city and the Government has given the local authority a 7-day ultimatum to remove vendors from the central business district (CBD).

The workshop will cost US$24 000 funded by ratepayers. It will run between 27 and 29 November 2023.

According to the Town Clerk’s report to the Human Resources and General Purposes Committee, the workshop, dubbed the Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking Annual Conference will be held at Troutbeck in Nyanga from this Monday to Wednesday. Part of the report reads:

The following has been recommended to attend the workshop, His Worship the Mayor Cllr L Chitegu, Deputy Mayor Cllr R Muronda, Councilors Cllr C Mande, Cllr E Ruzani, Cllr RM Jakopo, Cllr T Machirori, Cllr F Chabuda and Cllr L Makuwerere, Town Clerk Eng H. A Chisango, Rtd Major M Marara, G Kusangaya, S Chimbetete, B Hlabanu, Drivers L Nyanga, P Mudzambara and Town Clerks Aide and all chairpersons.

The topics to be covered will be as follows, leveraging on indigenous capital base to drive social and economic transformation and possible pathways for a pragmatic approach by 2030.

The role of monetary policy and dynamics towards refined optional currency in Zimbabwe and Refining Zimbabwe’s economic recovery plan.

The travelling dates are as follows 26 and 30 November 2023.

Harare residents have criticised city fathers for spending thousands of dollars at a workshop in Nyanga instead of channelling the funds towards service provision given that there is a cholera state of emergency in the capital.

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