Former prisoner seeks support for ex-inmates

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Precious Manomano Herald Reporter
An ex-prisoner Mr James Kaware of Queensdale in Harare is appealing for US$600 in fees to pay Gwebi Agricultural College to enable some of his former inmates to get training in farming at the institution.

Mr Kaware, who served 10 years at Chikurubi Maximum prison for armed robbery, has turned his life for the better and is now dedicated to assist former prisoners with life skills through the Prodigal Sons and Daughters programme.

He said Prodigal Sons and Daughters is an organisation that deals with the rehabilitation of former prisoners.

Mr Kaware said former prisoners have struggled to find employment upon their release, which at times pushes them back into a life of crime.

“I am appealing for financial assistance to partner Gwebi Agricultural College to enable former inmates to acquire training so that they start income generating projects or social life skills because most of the ex-prisoners have suffered stigma from their relatives and have nowhere to go,” said Mr Kaware.

Mr Kaware was convicted several times, but the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services rehabilitation programmes have transformed him.

He was homeless and lived along the Mukuvisi River banks after his family disowned him.

A former prisoner, Ms Precious Sibanda, said she is receiving support from Mr Kaware’s organisation after her husband and family rejected her.

She was convicted of attempted murder after assaulting her 10-year-old son when she missed large sums of money in their home.

“Upon my release from prison, no one wanted to talk to me and l had no one to turn to,” said Ms Sibanda. “My family disowned me at a time I needed them most and my husband packed his clothes and went away after telling me that we could not continue staying together.”s
Recently, the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS) launched a Peace Education Programme that seeks to address the mental aspects of inmates.

The programme seeks to help inmates achieve inner peace, which will help them live harmoniously with others after their re-integration into society.

Those wishing to assist Mr Kaware can contact him on 0775213395.

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