EDITORIAL COMMENT : Reducing teen pregnancies needs holistic approach

COVID-19 and the measures needed to contain the spread of infection have put a lot of pressure on families, communities and children worldwide and in Zimbabwe, disrupting vital services and triggering the temporary closure of schools.

This worsened the plight of vulnerable children, especially girls, for whom accessing education and staying in school was hard enough.

The disruption of income-generating activities and resultant idleness of children because of Covid-19 did not make it any easier for girls to remain in school.

There are reports that hundreds of school girls have dropped out of school nationwide due to pregnancy, early marriages, financial constraints and illness.

On Monday, we reported that over 400 girls from four districts of Manicaland dropped out owing to a host of factors, including pregnancy.

Out of the country’s 10 administrative provinces, Manicaland appears to have consistently fared badly since 2017.

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