Boy with multiple health challenges needs help

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Precious Manomano Herald Reporter

A Harare woman in Glen view 1 is in need of financial assistance to buy hearing aids for her six-year-old child born with multiple health challenges, so that he can live a normal life and be able to communicate well with others.

Sijabuliso Mhute was born blind, deaf and dumb, including having a down syndrome, a condition that is stressful and difficult to manage.

Recently, well-wishers donated money to purchase eyeglasses for the boy.

Sijabuliso is incapable of holding anything as he does not have a grip due to weakness in his bones.

His mother, Ms Sibonokuhle Nyamambi, said she needed financial assistance to purchase hearing aids for him as she cannot afford to purchase them since she is not employed.

“l am appealing for financial assistance to purchase hearing aids for my son,” she said. “I am really touched with what my child is going through, it is not easy to see the suffering of a little child.

“Recently, l received a donation of more than $5 000 from well-wishers to buy the glasses for the boy. l really appreciate their efforts.”

Ms Nyamambi said Sijabuliso had a slowness in grasping things because of his condition.

Sijabuliso has undergone operations twice at Sekuru Kaguvi Hospital to remove cataracts in his eyes which have caused the blindness.

Ms Nyamambi can be contacted on 0774335170, and her banking details are as follows:

Sibonokuhle Nyamambi
Cabs 1003924018
Branch: First Street

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