72pc recover from Covid-19 

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72pc recover from Covid-19

Herald Reporter
More than 72 percent of all Zimbabweans who have been confirmed as infected with Covid-19 are now fully recovered, able to resume work, shop and participate in the limited social mixing during the lockdown.

The huge jump yesterday in the number of recovered patients to 3 848, out of the total of 5 308 confirmed cases, came as delayed figures from Harare finally entered the statistics of the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.

The city jumped from 76 recoveries to 1 774 once the recoveries in the city over the past few weeks were included.

There were only 47 new cases yesterday, but three new deaths, on each from Bulawayo, Mashonaland East and Manicaland, to take the cumulative total to 135.

Harare still leads in the number of confirmed cases, with a cumulative total of 2 042, and in the number of deaths, 71.

But it now leads in the number or recoveries. Those 1 774 recoveries are 86 percent of all confirmed city cases. The death toll is 3.4 percent of the confirmed cases. The final 197 city patients are still active and infectious, but hopefully getting better.

Bulawayo has had 1 207 confirmed cases, with 28 deaths, and 873 recoveries while Midlands has 483 confirmed cases so far, but just six deaths and 383 recoveries. Manicaland has 317 cofirmed cses, but 15 deaths and 239 recoveries.

South Africa now has 11 839 deaths from 587 345 confirmed cases, but recoveries are rising to 472 377, about 80 percent of the total with active cases remaining at a little over 100 000.

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